November 9‑11 2017

A celebration of functional programming and community

At the beautiful monOrchid, Phoenix, Arizona.

Moonconf is a three-day conference for the functional programming community to learn and celebrate together. There will be single-track talks on Thursday and Friday and an all-day openspace unconference on Saturday.

Moonconf was born in 2016, to provide a welcoming and inclusive space for the diverse world of functional programming. In that way, it's special, and you won't find an environment quite like it anywhere else. It's for everyone, from beginners to experts, of any gender, race, ability, etc. Functional programmers of all levels are welcome!

It's a conference offered with love, and we'd love to see you there.

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Three full days

Talks & Talks

Thursday & Friday will get your brain buzzing with talks about functional programming and community. See last year's schedule here.

Hands-on Openspace

Day 3, Saturday will be an opportunity to explore the topics more deeply. We'll start our openspace with a facilitated opening session, in which we decide together how we will spend our time. The rest of the day will be full of pairing sessions, lightning talks, hackathons, whatever you need to get the most out of what you're learning.

Beginner Workshops

Also on Saturday, parallel with the openspace, we'll have beginner workshops running all day. Anyone with coding experience is welcome.

Three Days of
Functional Community

View last year's schedule

Code of Welcoming Conduct

We are coming together, in everything we do, with an intent to care for ourselves and one another. We want to nurture an empathetic culture. This "code of conduct" is the structure for our work together, the foundation. To us, a code of conduct is a affirmation that we are responsible, together, for maintaining this culture, and it's a clear statement that we will take action to protect it, including limiting who we invite into (and exclude from) our spaces.

Please read the full Code of Conduct.


monOrchid Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona


Our venues are ADA compliant, accessible for the mobility impaired.

Please let us know if you require other accomodation. We intend to be accessible to everyone who wants to come. Twitter DMs are open, or email any organizer.



Become a Sponsor

If you're interested in supporting Moonconf, take a moment to read the Sponsorship Prospectus!

Thanks to everyone who supported our indiegogo!

Become a Sponsor

If you're interested in supporting Moonconf, take a moment to read the Sponsorship Prospectus!

A big thank you to everyone who supported our indiegogo!